For Couples on The Brink

Many couples find their way to therapy as a last resort, when one or both of them is already thinking about ending the relationship.

This can be a time of high emotions and intense anxiety, both for the person who is leaning out of the relationship and the person who wants to save it. And while the stakes can feel very high, the harder you try to fix it the worse it gets! Even couple therapy may seem to drive you in different directions.

If you find yourself and your partner at that stage, your best choice may be Discernment Counseling . Unlike regular couple therapy, Discernment doesn't try to fix a couple's problems; instead, Discernment is designed to bring down the level of anxiety, clarify what led to this point for each of you, and explore ALL options before any irrevocable decisions are made.

Discernment Counseling is short, usually ranging from two to six sessions . The sessions include couple and individual conversations with the therapist; during the individual conversations, you are free to freely speak about the problems, explore their impact on you, and receive help to keep the relationship from further deterioration. Your first session usually runs two hours, and following sessions are 90 minutes.

What happens at the end of Discernment Counseling? Couples reach the end of the Discernment process when they've decided that they are willing to commit to six months of intensive work on the relationship, or they are ready to move toward the ending the relationship, or they've decided against any change for now. If you and your partner commit to working on the relationship, I then can start couple therapy with you or help you to find a couple therapist with whom you're comfortable.

Discernment Counseling has been successfully used with different couples, including hetero and LBGT couples.

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